Press Releases Sept 23, 2020

In only 8 months AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has completed the exchange of the whole company information system, replacing SAP R/3 ERP with software Coil Cut Optimizer/MES (CCO) software by Fast-Square and LN by INFOR.

Press Releases Oct 02, 2019

AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has signed a deal with planning software specialist Fast-Square Italia regarding the use of Supply Chain Management solution CCO in the 4 plants of Arcore (MB), Graffignana (LO), Quarto Inferiore (BO) and Rieti.

Press Releases Jun 28, 2019

Czech Republic Metal Service Center Seeks to Improve Production Efficiency with CCO software

FAST-SQUARE software will allow the generation of Optimized Cutting Plans for Slitters and Cut-To-Length machines, reducing Trim-Loss and Setup-Time.

Press Release April 2019

Marcora has been one of the first Customers of Fast-Square, developing together the first version of CCO-Optimizer. The long-time collaboration has helped to develop continuously new software modules, specific for Steel Service Centers.

Press Release November 2018

Sanitary Paper Mimosa has asked Fast-Square to optimize the planning and cutting of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine, minimizing Trim-Loss (Scrap).

These machines have different phases: Pre-heater, Soldering, Drying and Cutting.

Press Release July 2018

Acciaieria Arvedi has been one of the first Steel Industry Customers, using Coil Cut Optimizer software since more than a decade.

The collaboration has continued with the implementation of CCO-Cut-Optimizer and CCO-Scheduling at Centro Siderurgico Adriatico

Press Release January 2018

Year 2017 has been dedicated above all to the development of a complete Supply Chain Management Software solution for the Metal Industry and for Steel Service Centers in particular.

During first half of 2017 we have developed CCO-Scheduling, a software to define the Scheduling of the Work-Orders on the Machines.

Press Release January 2017

Preliminary Fast-Square Results of Fiscal Year 2016 are showing a Revenue increase of 42% compared to FY 2015, while the Export Quota has grown from 25% in 2015 to 40% in 2016.

The reason for the increase can be identified in the focus and the development of the completely new release of Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO), the optimization software for Steel Service Centers.

Press Release November 2016

After an implementation project of only few weeks, ITAESBRA is now live and using Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO), Fast-Square’s optimization software for the generation of optimized Cutting Programs. AESBRA is a company based near São Paulo in Brazil and focuses its activities on stamping for the automotive industry and white goods.

Press Release September 2016

During summer 2016 additional Steel Service Centers have decided to use Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) for the generation of optimized Cutting Programs for Slitters and Cut-to-length machines.

CCO-Programming has already helped to reduce scrap by 10-20% and Planning-time by 20-40%.

Press Release Apr 2016

At the beginning of 2016 additional Steel Service Centers have decided to use Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) for the generation of optimized Cutting Programs.

Press Release Nov 2015

Oscacer César Rola, Lda, an important Steel Service Center in Portugal, has completed the implementation of Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) in the plant near Porto. CCO is used to Optimize the cutting plans of 3 Slitters and 5 Cut-To-Lengths lines.

Press Release Feb 2015

Fast-Square will be at „Made in Steel“ (Pad. 12 Stand A26) in Milan on 20-22 May, in order to show the new release of the optimization software for Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO).

Corte & Conformacao de Metals (Brasil) article about CCO pag.103 |2009

Corte & Conformacao de Metals, the most important Brazilian Metal Magazine has dedicated a detailed article to our software “Coil Cut Optimizer” in its March edition.