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New Customers in Germany, Romania, Turkey and Italy

Press Release September 2016


During summer 2016 additional Steel Service Centers have decided to use Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) for the generation of optimized Cutting Programs for Slitters and Cut-to-length machines.

CCO-Programming has already helped to reduce scrap by 10-20% and Planning-time by 20-40%.

After a number of implementations in Italy, Fast-Square is now selling and expanding in other European and overseas countries.

Becker Stahl Service GmbH based in Germany is one of the largest European Steel Service Centers. Becker Stahl Sales Volume is over 1 Million Tons of flat steel per year with stock of around 200’000 tons.

Deliverable products range from wide band, slit strip, plates and blanks from 0.40 - 4.00 mm also consists of hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot-dipped galvanised, electrolytically galvanised, aluminium-coated, AluZink / zinc-aluminium and organically coated trapezoid blanks.

The company has just started the implementation of CCO-Programing in its Bönen plant.

Ağır Haddecilik Steel Service Center in Turkey has completed the implementation and is now live with CCO-Programming. The Steel Service Center is part of Ağır Haddecilik A.Ş. group, among the largest Turkish producer and exporter of flat products. Ağır Haddecilik Head-Quarter is located in Istanbul, while the Steel Service Center is in the Dilovasi facility.

Topanel is a Romanian company producing state of the art thermo-insulating panels. Topanel has started the implementation of CCO-Programming.

Rosa & C. is an Italian Steel Service Center based near Bergamo. Rosa & C. is the first customer using CCO-Programming with the Chemical and Mechanical Analysis functionality, which highlights if all Customer requirements are respected or if some Chemical or Mechanical specification are not satisfied.

Rosa & C.  produces wide band, slit strip, plates and blanks from 0.30 to 12.00 mm.

Metal Castello is an Italian Steel Service Center with plants near Bologna and Ancona, recently acquired by Gruppo Arvedi.

Marcora Lamiere, a Steel Service Center near Milano, is live with CCO-Planning and CCO-Replenishment.

Currently CCO is available in 5 languages: Italian, English, German, Portuguese and Turkish, but it can easily be translated in other languages, simply adding the specific dictionary. 

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