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MARCORA SpA: 20 years with FAST-SQUARE Supply Chain Solution

Press Release April 2019

Customer Profile

The industrial activities of the Marcora family were born in the second post-war period thanks to the initiative of Giovanni and Andrea Marcora. In 1954 Andrea created a commercial and service activity in the steel sheet sector. Today Marcora S.p.A. is one of the main Italian operators in the pre-processing and sale of flat thin carbon steel.

The industrial activity is carried out on a covered area of ​​24’400 square meters and total area of 50’000 square meters. Currently Marcora has two production sites in Inveruno (MI) and Cuggiono (MI), with 11 cutting-lines (Slitters and Cut-to-Length), capable to generate a maximum annual production capacity of 300,000 Tons.


20 Years Joined Development

Marcora has been one of the first Customers of Fast-Square, developing together the first version of CCO-Optimizer. The long-time collaboration has helped to develop continuously new software modules, specific for Steel Service Centers.

Marcora has started to use the very first version of CCO-Optimizer since 1997 and during recent years has chosen to cover its whole Supply Chain with Fast-Square software modules: in 2015 with CCO-Replenishment and in 2018 with CCO-Scheduler and CCO-ATP.

Fast-Square Software suit ranges from Demand Planning, Master Planning, Cut Optimization, Production Planning, Scheduling and soon also Transportation Management.


Dr. Monica Marcora, President Marcora S.p.A. said: “We are working with Gino Giannone and Fast-Square since more than 20 years and we continue to implement together new solutions tailor-made for our company.



Production Efficiency and Trim-Loss reduction has been the objectives and result of the first project. With the usage of CCO-Optimizer, Marcora has been able to quickly introduce Planners without experience to Production Planning activity, with no productivity decrease.

Benefits reached with the introduction of CCO-Scheduler are:

  • Global Visibility of Customer-Order availability

  • Better Control of Production Planning

  • Late Orders Reduction


Gino Giannone CEO Fast-Square said:

This long-term collaboration is a demonstration of the quality of our software solutions and a recognition as trusted advisor. Marcora has helped us to cover the real requirements of a Steel Service Center, developing the tool in a real production environment.”

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