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Alluminio di Qualità live with Fast-Square Software


Coil Cut Optimizer software has been adapted to specific requirements of Aluminum Service Center


With the implementation of Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) software, Alluminio di Qualità (AQ) has automated and integrated the following key processes:

  • Customer Offer with Material and Processing Costs calculation

  • Cutting-Optimization of Slitters and Cut-To-Length machines

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling

CCO software has been installed in Verona plant and in Florence branch.

CCO Solution

Fast-Square software offer has evolved from niche Optimization solution to minimize “Trim-Loss” and “Setup” time, to a complete software suit for the whole Production Planning Management, providing a unique solution for Service Centers.

CCO has changed from off-line Optimization application to integrate solution covering: Planning, Scheduling Cutting-Optimization and Execution modules, with high flexibility to Customer requirements.


Aluminum Service Center requirement

Already during Customer Offer phase, we need to generate the Optimized Cutting Pattern, in order to calculate correctly the Material and Processing costs.

During the Customer Offer quote stage, a Pre-Production-Order is drawn up with details of the costs. If the Customer Offer is transformed into a Sales-Order, the Pre-Production-Orders are automatically transformed into real Production-Orders and are scheduled according to the requested delivery dates.

Fast-Square CEO Gino Giannone said: “It has been interesting to work with AQ, for the pragmatic and collaborative approach of AQ experts. We have built together a new version of CCO specific for Aluminum,  especially for the Customer Order process.”

Piero Remaggi, Production Manager of Alluminio di Qualità’, reported: "We worked closely with Fast-Square consultants, whose availability and ability to meet our specific requirements we appreciated. With the CCO software we have integrated into our ERP the processes of: Customer Offer with Cut Optimization and Production Scheduling, significantly reducing data entry time and reducing the possibility of error."

Alluminio di Qualità S.p.A.

Alluminio di Qualità founded in 1986, is a company of the Cauvin Group, leader in Italy in the distribution of semi-manufactured products in aluminum alloys, which are purpose-made for several industrial sectors, building & constructions, automotive and shipbuilding. The Service Centre of Villafranca di Verona has three processing lines for slitting stripes and for the longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet metal, with a total covered surface of 8,000 m2 and a yearly cutting capability of over 10,000 tons.

Fast-Square (Milano)

Fast-Square is a software and consulting company specialized in scheduling and optimization solutions. Fast-Square has developed a complete and unique Production Planning Management solution for Steel Service Center.

Customers are mainly in Italy, but are increasing also in Europe, Asia and America. CCO software is applied above all in Steel industry, but also in Aluminum, Paper and Thin-Film.

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