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Profili e Piattine Inox chooses Fast-Square Software


Coil Cut Optimizer solution will cover the whole Production Planning  


Profili e Piattine Inox srl (PPInox) recently signed with Fast-Square Italia, a company specialized in software optimization, to implement the Coil Cut Optmizer (CCO) software for covering the whole production management of its Slitters, Banding Machine and Cold Rolling Mill.

The CCO software will be a new addition to its new Company information System, which also includes the Sanmarco Informatica software Jgalileo as the new company ERP.


CCO Solution

CCO software will be used by PPInox for the following processes:

  • Development of Cutting-Optimization plans with minimum Trim-Loss and Setup processes

  • Production Planning

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling

  • Manufacturing Execution

Fast-Square software offer has evolved from a niche Optimization solution to a complete software suit that works for the whole Production Planning by providing a unique solution for Steel Service Center.


Il CEO di Fast-Square Gino Giannone said:

“We are happy to work with PPInox. We tuned in with the company management from the very first few meetings and showed them a prototype of our CCO software, which perfectly covers PPInox requirements for its Slitters, Banding Machine and Cold Rolling Mill. We’re covering the entire Production Process: from Cutting-Optimization, to managing the lamination process, along with the Manufacturing Execution and traceability.


Piattine e Profili Inox

Piattine Profili Inox S.r.l. (PPInox) is an Italian company specialized in the production of high-quality stainless-steel profiles, standard and custom-made shapes.

PPInox has always invested many resources in developing more and more technical expertise and has always focused on extreme accuracy and reliability, elements that now are its main distinctive features. All this, combined with great flexibility and readiness, assures customers and their technical departments a close cooperation in the realization of the most sophisticated profiles for any field of application.

One of the first Italian companies to obtain the Quality Assurance System Certification, certified according to ISO 9002, now UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, PPInox, born in the Seventies, sees today the arrival in the company of the third generation of entrepreneurs in the steel industry.


Fast-Square (Milano)

Fast-Square is a software and consulting company specialized in scheduling and optimization solutions. Fast-Square has developed a complete and unique Production Planning Management solution for Steel Service Center.

Customers are mainly in Italy, but are increasing also in Europe, Asia and America. CCO software is applied above all in Metals industry, but also in Aluminum, Paper and Thin-Film.

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