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ARVEDI Group continues to invest in Fast-Square Software

Press Release July 2018

- One Decade of productive relationship 
- Two new signed Contracts in Centro Siderurgico Industriale

10 Years long relationship with Acciaieria Arvedi

Acciaieria Arvedi has been one of the first Steel Industry Customers, using Coil Cut Optimizer software since more than a decade.

The collaboration has continued with the implementation of CCO-Cut-Optimizer and CCO-Scheduling at Centro Siderurgico Adriatico (previously Metal Castello) with GO-LIVE during 2017 and the recent signature of two new projects with Centro Siderurgico Industriale in Perugia.

Acciaieria Arvedi is using Fast-Square software CCO-Cut-Optimizer since 2008. CCO software started to support the generation of Optimized Cutting-Plans of Service Centers of Cremona and Corbetta since 2008, while later Arvedi has extended the use of CCO software also to plan the cutting of Steel produced in Trieste plant.

“CCO has helped us to reduce trim-loss further during coils cutting process in our plants, increasing also the effectiveness of our programmers of the slitting machines. We have appreciated the technical and project design competence of Fast-Square consultant and their availability.”

Ing. Gianni Lauritano /  IT Director Acciaieria Arvedi

LIVE projects in Centro Siderurgico Adriatico

In 2016 Arvedi Group took over Centro Siderurgico Adriatico Steel Service Center and decided to improve the Supply Chain and ERP software.

In few months Fast-Square has completed the CCO-Cut-Optimizer project, improving the Optimization and control on the process of generation of Cutting-Programs.

After the very good collaboration during this first project, CEO Cristian Marchetti has asked Fast-Square to develop also a Scheduling Tool specific for Steel Service Centers, integrated with Cutting-Plan generation and the company ERP. S

ince September-2017 CCO-Scheduling is LIVE, with capacity constraint scheduling, considering Work-Order dependency and including a Graphic User Interface for manual changes to the Schedule.

The Software includes a Promise-Date module for Commercial Users, showing the real time status and Availability Date of all Customer-Orders.

“The quality of the collaboration with Fast-Square can be summarized in ‘Professional Partnership which advices the Organization to reach Continuous Improvement’ “.

Roberto Rocchegiani / Managing Director Centro Siderurgico Adriatico

New Contract in Centro Siderurgico Industriale and Further development


Another Steel Service Center of Arvedi Group, Centro Siderurgico Industriale (CSI) has signed the contract to implement CCO-Optimizer and CCO-Scheduling in its Perugia Plant, while discussions are on-going for the implementation of CCO-Replenishment for Demand Planning and Coils Purchasing re-order in Centro Siderurgico Adriatico.

“We have a very good collaboration with Centro Siderurgico and Arvedi Group.

They are demanding Customers who stimulate our organization to find and develop new solutions to improve the effectiveness and productivity of our Customers”.

Gino Giannone / CEO Fast-Square

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