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Scrap reduction by 27% for Paper Customer in Lebanon

Press Release November 2018

Customer Profile

​Sanitary Paper Mimosa Co. is based in Kaa El Rim, Lebanon and is involved in the production and marketing of Tissues Paper Products, Carton Corrugated Boards, Craft Cardboards, printed cardboards boxes for industrial and agricultural.

The company produces also recycled papers and cardboards for various industries.


CCO-Paper software to optimize Corrugated Cardboard Machine

Sanitary Paper Mimosa has asked Fast-Square to optimize the planning and cutting of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine, minimizing Trim-Loss (Scrap).

These machines have different phases: Pre-heater, Soldering, Drying and Cutting.

The Cutting phase is divided into two stages: Slitting of Mother Roll and Cut-To-Length with the constraint of maximum two different length.

The objective of CCO-Paper software is to optimize the Cutting Phase in order to minimize Scrap in the two dimensions of width and length.
Customer Orders can have different shape, like sheets, die, boxes, trays.

CCO-Paper calculates the actual dimensions to be cut in width and length, in order to construct the final object, requested by the customer.


With the first CCO-Paper prototype, we have realized the potential benefits of the software.

We tested the software with a real full day production plan of the machine. We succeeded in saving more than 2000 Kg of paper just on one day of Production, using CCO-Paper.

The calculate yearly potential benefit is a saving of over 480’000 Kg of Paper.

The Scrap reduction has been 27% compared to the original production plan.


Gino Giannone CEO Fast-Square: “Sanitary Paper Mimosa has given us the opportunity to enter in the Paper Industry market, which seems to have huge saving opportunities. We would like to continue to develop our software solution with other Customers in this Industry.

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