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AARTEE Italia chooses Fast-Square Optimization Software

Press Releases Oct 02, 2019 



AARTEE implements CCO solution to cover the whole Production Planning


AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has signed a deal with planning software specialist Fast-Square Italia regarding the use of Supply Chain Management solution CCO in the 4 plants of Arcore (MB), Graffignana (LO), Quarto Inferiore (BO) and Rieti. Plants are equipped with a complete set of machinery, including a cold rolling mill. They transform coils, both black and coated with weather resistant or organic paints in strips and sheets in qualities ranging from profiling and bending, structural, high strength and deep drawing.


Fast-Square software will generate Optimized Cutting Plans for Slitters and covering also Cold Rolling Mill management and MES functionality.


Mr. Michele Ciocca CEO ADI reported:

“We have evaluated several different software providers and have chosen Fast-Square, because of the consistent and consolidated experience in management of Steel Cutting for Service Centers and the successful completed projects in similar Steel companies all over Europe.”


Fast-Square CEO and Co-founder Gino Giannone says:

“With this challenging implementation, we cover the whole Production Planning Management, ranging from Cutting-Optimization of Slitters to complete management of Cold Rolling Mill and Cut-To-Length machines, including Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and traceability. Our company is evolving from a niche player in Cutting Optimization to a complete software provider covering Supply Chain Management, scheduling and MES, providing a unique solution for Steel Service Centers.”


AARTEE Distribuzione Italia

ADI is a new initiative with a consolidated and solid experience in the field of flat products distribution, emerging from a joint project and a strong strategic partnership between Aartee Group and Liberty House-GFG Alliance.

It operates 4 plants certified EN ISO 9001:2015 with a total surface area of 35’000 sqm, suitable for storage of up to 40 K/tons of stock in coil and employing over 100 people.

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