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Fast-Square is looking for Software Integrators Partners and Resellers in countries abroad Italy.


Fast-Square Partnership Program

The Fast-Square Partnership Program empowers partners focused on reselling our software and System Integrators to deliver best-of-breed solutions to their customers.

The Fast-Square Partnership Program features two levels: Level-1 and Level-2.

Level-1 status is our entry level status, offering partners access to basic benefits, with low effort.

Level-2 status can be obtained by partners that are prepared to develop their Fast-Square software technical and sales expertise. Level-2 status partners receive a higher level of benefits.

Level-1 status requires a low effort by your company, it consists of introducing Fast-Square to local Prospects with interest in Fast-Square Software. Our Consultant will drive the Pre-sales and Sales cycle with few involvement from your company. If the sales will be completed with signed contract by the Prospect, then we will recognize a 10% commission of the Software License, to your company.

Level-2 status requires a higher involvement by your company. We will give an online sales training to your Resource and put him/her in the condition to start a Sales cycle in your country without our initial involvement. We will define a Sales and Marketing plan together and Fast-Square consultants will be involved only in the second stage, either to close the deal or in case of specific requirements/questions of the Prospect.

In this case, we will recognize a 20% commission of the Software License.


Your company could also act as System Integrator between Fast-Square software and Customer Information System. Usually our Partners are selling consulting days for the integration.


Please contact:

Software Partner in USA

Reseller Partner in Turkey

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