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Cobral success Story implementing Coil Cut Optimizer software

Fast-Square has guided the Production Software change


Cobral Metal Service operates in the non-ferrous semi-finished products market and has had a strong development in recent years, starting a second production site with a total of 6 Slitter Cutting Lines and a Stripping Machine. With this strong growth, Cobral felt the need to adjust its information system, especially for production management. Cobral's need was to have a production software that included:

  • Optimization of the Cutting

  • Scheduling

  • Production progress (MES) and quality control on the plant

  • Industry 4.0 interfacing with the Slitter and Forklift-with-Tablet systems

  • Web application for queries on the progress of Customer-Orders, Warehouse, Production-Orders

  • Traceability and label printing also for each individual strip


Cobral Management has chosen Fast-Square's Coil Cut Optimizer software solution due to its in-depth knowledge and experience in the Service Center sector.


Station with PC near Slitter


Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) Solution in Cobral


The software previously used in Cobral did not have a complete module for production and some processes, such as production progress, were not computerized.

Fast-Square's CCO software instead covers the entire Production Management, interfacing with the KING ERP. The fundamental process for a Service Center is the Optimization of Cutting on Slitter; this is the strength of the CCO software. In a few months the Cobral Programmers immediately started using the Optimization module, recognizing the completeness of the solution for the management of the various Cobral cutting cases.

The next step was the installation in the 2 Plants of Stations with PCs near Slitting Machines (see photo-1), including: MES software, both small label printers for each single strip and large Odette format printers for parcels. This step has allowed Cobral to make a qualitative leap in production: paper has been almost completely eliminated, having available on-line in the software all Customer specifications; the scheduling of the activities to be completed for each plant is displayed directly on the machine screen; the CCO-MES software is interconnected with the slitters (during the project, Industry 4.0 Certification was obtained for 2 Camu Slitters); all the labels are printed starting from the CCO-MES software.

The CCO-WEB module instead allows you to query the status of each Customer Order via Web browser; the detailed scheduling of each Slitter; monitor the quality and traceability of each single cut strip in case of disputes. Finally, a form was also developed for the Coil picking list to be used directly on the Forklift equipped with a tablet. This allows you to have the specific picking list for each Plant/Shift and allows you to record the displacement of the Coils directly from the tablet.



Forklift equipped with a tablet


Fast-Square CEO, Gino Giannone said: “We have found a great willingness to accept software change and also changes in production processes. Both the Management, but also the Operators of the Slitters collaborated and also suggested improvements to the software.”


Cobral CEO, Marco Del Contrasto: “ I wanted to thank the Fast-Square consultants for the seriousness and professionalism they have shown during this project.“

Cobral CEO, Marco Del Contrasto


Cobral Group

The Cobral Group includes 2 factories, the first in Settimo Milanese and the second in Abbiategrasso, with

a total of 6 Slitter Cutting Lines and a Stripping Machine. Semi-finished products in Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Alpaca are produced.

Cobral has registered the Aluminum Power trademark which identifies semi-finished products in superior quality aluminum: guarantee of over 35.5 Ms/m and 99.7% purity for a material capable of guaranteeing high electrical conductivity.

Fast-Square Italia

Fast-Square is a software and consulting company specialized in scheduling and optimization solutions. Fast-Square has developed a complete and unique Production Planning Management solution for Steel Service Center.
Customers are mainly in Italy, but are increasing also in Europe, Asia and America. CCO software is applied above all in Metals industry, but also in Aluminum, Paper and Thin-Film.

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