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Increasing Revenue and Export Quota in 2016 for Fast-Square

Press Release January 2017

Preliminary Fast-Square Results of Fiscal Year 2016 are showing a Revenue increase of 42% compared to FY 2015, while the Export Quota has grown from 25% in 2015 to 40% in 2016.

The reason for the increase can be identified in the focus and the development of the completely new release of Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO), the optimization software for Steel Service Centers.

Fast-Square has initially started to sell CCO software only in Italy, but during last 2 years has expanded the Customer base in other European countries like: Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey.

The participation to the expositions MadeInSteel-2015 in Milan (Italy) and EuroBlech-2016 in Hannover (Germany) has helped to further develop the sales in Europe.

During year 2017, the target is to consolidate the export position in Europe and to start to sell and implement CCO projects also outside Europe. ITAESBRA in Brazil is the first overseas customer and is the starting point to enter the worldwide software market for Metal Industry.

There is news also on the product development side; during 2017 Fast-Square is promoting the following new software products:

  • CCO-Tube: is the new Optimization software developed for Companies producing Tubes with a Slitting production phase. The solver algorithms have been adapted to high volume repetitive demand in order to minimize the scrap on slitting phase and also to Optimize the Campaigns of Tube production.

  • CCO-Replenishment: is the new Supply Chain Management software with a Demand Planning module used to calculate the Demand based on historical demand, current trend, real Customer Orders and Yearly Customer Contracts; and a Master Planning module used to calculate the Coils replenishment, based on: Forecasted and Real Demand, current Stock and planned Coils arrivals, optimized Cutting Plans, and the specific requirements of Steel Service Centers.

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