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Brazilian Customer live with Coil Cut Optimizer

Press Release November 2016


After an implementation project of only few weeks, ITAESBRA is now live and using Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO), Fast-Square’s optimization software for the generation of optimized Cutting Programs.

ITAESBRA is a company based near São Paulo in Brazil and focuses its activities on stamping for the automotive industry and white goods. ITAESBRA is using CCO to optimized internal and external Slitting machines.

Fast-Square has started to develop and sell CCO software initially only in Italy, but during last few years has expanded the Customer base in other European countries like: Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey.

ITAESBRA is the first overseas customer and is the demonstration that Fast-Square is ready for the next challenge of entering the American market.

Coil Cut Optimizer has already helped Steel Service Centers to reduce Scrap by 10-20% and Planning-Time by 20-40%.

Currently CCO is available in 5 languages: Italian, English, German, Portuguese and Turkish, but it can be easily configured for other languages, simply adding the specific dictionary. 

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