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Case Study


Case Study: COBRAL 

Cobral Metal Service operates in the non-ferrous semi-finished products market

and has had a strong development in recent years, starting a second production

site with a total of 6 Slitter Cutting Lines and a Stripping Machine. With this strong

growth, Cobral felt the need to adjust its information system, especially for production

management. Cobral's need was to have a production software that included:

  • Optimization of the Cutting

  • Scheduling

  • Production progress (MES) and quality control on the plant

  • Industry 4.0 interfacing with the Slitter and Forklift-with-Tablet systems

  • Web application for queries on the progress of Customer-Orders, Warehouse, Production-Orders

  • Traceability and label printing also for each individual strip


Cobral Management has chosen Fast-Square's Coil Cut Optimizer software solution due to its in-depth knowledge and experience in the Service Center sector.


Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) Solution in Cobral

The software previously used in Cobral did not have a complete module for production

and some processes, such as production progress, were not computerized.

Fast-Square's CCO software instead covers the entire Production Management,

interfacing with the KING ERP. The fundamental process for a Service Center is the

Optimization of Cutting on Slitter; this is the strength of the CCO software. In a few

months the Cobral Programmers immediately started using the Optimization module,

recognizing the completeness of the solution for the management of the various

Cobral cutting cases.

The next step was the installation in the 2 Plants of Stations with PCs near Slitting

Machines (see photo-1), including: MES software, both small label printers for each single strip and large Odette format printers for parcels. This step has allowed Cobral to make a qualitative leap in production: paper has been almost completely eliminated, having available on-line in the software all Customer specifications; the scheduling of the activities to be completed for each plant is displayed directly on the machine screen; the CCO-MES software is interconnected with the slitters (during the project, Industry 4.0 Certification was obtained for 2 Camu Slitters); all the labels are printed starting from the CCO-MES software.

The CCO-WEB module instead allows you to query the status of each Customer Order via Web browser; the detailed scheduling of each Slitter; monitor the quality and traceability of each single cut strip in case of disputes. Finally, a form was also developed for the Coil picking list to be used directly on the Forklift equipped with a tablet. This allows you to have the specific picking list for each Plant/Shift and allows you to record the displacement of the Coils directly from the tablet.


Fast-Square CEO, Gino Giannone said: “We have found a great willingness to accept software change and also changes in production processes. Both the Management, but also the Operators of the Slitters collaborated and also suggested improvements to the software.”


Cobral CEO, Marco Del Contrasto: “ I wanted to thank the Fast-Square consultants for the seriousness and professionalism they have shown during this project.“


Case Study: AARTEE replaces SAP with Coil Cut Optimizer and LN 

In only 8 months AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has completed

the exchange of the whole company information system, replacing SAP R/3 ERP

with Coil Cut Optimizer/MES (CCO) software by Fast-Square and LN by INFOR.

Even through the lock-down period, because of the pandemia, Fast-Square and Know-How teams have successfully completed the implementation respecting the very tight GO-LIVE timeline simultaneously on 4 AARTEE Plants.

The Challenge for Fast-Square has been to cover the whole Production area.

With this implementation, Fast-Square software ranges from Production Planning, Scheduling, to Manufacturing Execution System.

The software offer has evolved from niche Optimization solution, to a complete software suit for the whole Production Planning Management, providing a unique solution for Steel Service Center.

CCO has changed from off-line Optimization application to integrate solution able to replace completely SAP Planning, Scheduling and Execution modules, with high flexibility to Customer requirements.


Fast-Square CEO Gino Giannone said:

"Replacing the whole AARTEE information system in 8 months has not been easy, but we have been able to respect the planned GO-LIVE date. We cover the whole Production Planning Management, ranging from Cutting-Optimization of Slitters to complete management of Cold Rolling Mill and Cut-To-Length machines, Scheduling and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).”


CCO-MES module is the new software for Manufacturing Execution System with Optical reader and Tag printers. The module is tailor made for Steel Service Centers, accepting specific production update for the different type of Workstation (Slitters, Cut-To-Length, Cold Rolling Mill).


​ Mr. Michele Ciocca CEO AARTEE and Mr. Arcangelo Spoldi COO AARTEE reported:

“Fast-Square consultant have been really available to listen and implement our requirements, based on our consolidated and years long experience. They have been incredibly open, given their deep knowledge in Service Center business. Our collaboration has produced a complete, functional and efficient result.”

Ancora 2

Case Study EUSIDER SPA using Coil Cut Optimizer

 - Trim-Loss (Scrap) Reduction by 20%
 - Time to generate Cutting Programs Reduction by 40%


Eusider Company Profile

Eusider was set-up in 1979 as a Steel Service Centre dedicated to Steel distribution. Three generations of Anghileri’s have built this fully-family owned company specialized in the metal industry, which has made Eusider grow fast and steadily. Eusider has a wide customer base that includes small-, medium- and large-size companies using steel. Eusider offers each of them transparent trade relationships, a wide range of products, certified quality, highly flexible deliveries, an efficient service and highly competitive prices. The Eusider group includes: Metaltubi, Lima and IronService.

Eusider context and challenge


Eusider Group has had a significant grow during last few years, arriving to a yearly delivery of 400'000 tons, a revenue of 220 million Euro and 130 employees. The fast grow has required a transformation in the organization and in the information system. This transformation includes the implementation of the world wide leading ERP SAP, the introduction of QR Codes to facilitate Store management and Coil Cut Optimizer in order to improve the efficiency of Programming department and to reduce Trim-Loss in Production.

Coil Cut Optimizer solution


Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) is an Optimization software developed by Fast-Square, specifically for Steel Service Centers. CCO respects all Customer Order constrains and the Cutting Machines specification during the Optimized Cutting Programs generation. The CCO User Interface has permitted also the persons without much experience to generate Optimized Cutting Programs after few weeks. The utilization of CCO has also helped with the data cleansing of Customer Orders and Coils.



Before the introduction of Coil Cut Optimizer, the Programming

department had 10 persons working 50% of the time generating

Cutting Programs. With CCO usage, Eusider has reorganized the

Programming department with only 3 full-time Programmers, with

two of them recently hired and without Programming experience.

So there has been a reduction of time dedicated to generate

Cutting Programs by about 40%, even with the lower experience

of the new employees.

After two month of continuous usage of CCO the number of late

programmed Orders has been reduced.

The Trim-Loss company Target for Cutting Programs on Slitting

Machines was 1.50% and during last weeks before CCO usage it

has been about 1.55%. As shown in the graph, in few weeks the

Average Weekly Trim-Loss has been stable between 1.25% and

1.35%, with a reduction of about 20% of Trim-Loss.


Case Study Sanitary Paper Mimosa - Lebanon

- Scrap Reduction by 27% for Paper Indusry Customer

Customer Profile

​Sanitary Paper Mimosa Co. is based in Kaa El Rim, Lebanon and is involved in the production and marketing of Tissues Paper Products, Carton Corrugated Boards, Craft Cardboards, printed cardboards boxes for industrial and agricultural.

The company produces also recycled papers and cardboards for various industries.

CCO-Paper software to optimize Corrugated Cardboard Machine

Sanitary Paper Mimosa has asked Fast-Square to optimize the planning and cutting of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine, minimizing Trim-Loss (Scrap).

These machines have different phases: Pre-heater, Soldering, Drying and Cutting.

The Cutting phase is divided into two stages: Slitting of Mother Roll and Cut-To-Length with the constraint of maximum two different length.

The objective of CCO-Paper software is to optimize the Cutting Phase in order to minimize Scrap in the two dimensions of width and length.
Customer Orders can have different shape, like sheets, die, boxes, trays.

CCO-Paper calculates the actual dimensions to be cut in width and length, in order to construct the final object, requested by the customer.


With the first CCO-Paper prototype, we have realized the potential benefits of the software.

We tested the software with a real full day production plan of the machine. We succeeded in saving more than 2000 Kg of paper just on one day of Production, using CCO-Paper.

The calculate yearly potential benefit is a saving of over 480’000 Kg of Paper.

The Scrap reduction has been 27% compared to the original production plan.


Gino Giannone CEO Fast-Square:

Sanitary Paper Mimosa has given us the opportunity to enter in the Paper Industry market,

which seems to have huge saving opportunities.

We would like to continue to develop our software solution with other Customers in this Industry.


Case Study ARVEDI Group 

- Cut Optimizer in Acciaieria Arvedi
- Cut Optimizer and Scheduler in Centro Siderurgico Adriatico
- Cut Optimizer and Scheduler in Centro Siderurgico Industriale

10 Years long relationship with Acciaieria Arvedi

Acciaieria Arvedi has been one of the first Steel Industry Customers, using Coil Cut Optimizer software since more than a decade.

The collaboration has continued with the implementation of CCO-Cut-Optimizer and CCO-Scheduling at Centro Siderurgico Adriatico (previously Metal Castello) with GO-LIVE during 2017 and the recent signature of two new projects with Centro Siderurgico Industriale in Perugia.

Acciaieria Arvedi is using Fast-Square software CCO-Cut-Optimizer since 2008. CCO software started to support the generation of Optimized Cutting-Plans of Service Centers of Cremona and Corbetta since 2008, while later Arvedi has extended the use of CCO software also to plan the cutting of Steel produced in Trieste plant.


“CCO has helped us to reduce trim-loss further during coils cutting process in our plants,

increasing also the effectiveness of our programmers of the slitting machines. We have

appreciated the technical and project design competence of Fast-Square consultant

and their availability.”

Ing. Gianni Lauritano /  IT Director Acciaieria Arvedi

LIVE projects in Centro Siderurgico Adriatico

In 2016 Arvedi Group took over Centro Siderurgico Adriatico Steel Service Center and decided to improve the Supply Chain and ERP software.

In few months Fast-Square has completed the CCO-Cut-Optimizer project, improving the Optimization and control on the process of generation of Cutting-Programs. After the very good collaboration during this first project, CEO Cristian Marchetti has asked Fast-Square to develop also a Scheduling Tool specific for Steel Service Centers, integrated with Cutting-Plan generation and the company ERP. Since September-2017 CCO-Scheduling is LIVE, with capacity constraint scheduling, considering Work-Order dependency and including a Graphic User Interface for manual changes to the Schedule. The Software includes a Promise-Date module for Commercial Users, showing the real time status and Availability Date of all Customer-Orders.

“The quality of the collaboration with Fast-Square can be summarized in ‘Professional

Partnership which advices the Organization to reach Continuous Improvement’ “.

Roberto Rocchegiani / Managing Director Centro Siderurgico Adriatico

New Contract in Centro Siderurgico Industriale and Further development


Another Steel Service Center of Arvedi Group, Centro Siderurgico Industriale (CSI) has signed the contract to implement CCO-Cut-Optimizer and CCO-Scheduling in its Perugia Plant, while discussions are on-going for the implementation of CCO-Replenishment for Demand Planning and Coils Purchasing re-order in CS Adriatico.


“We have a very good collaboration with Centro Siderurgico and Arvedi Group.

They are demanding Customers who stimulate our organization to find and develop new solutions

to improve the effectiveness and productivity of our Customers”.

Gino Giannone / CEO Fast-Square


Case Study MARCORA S.p.A.

- 20 years long collaboration with Fast-Square
- CCO Complete Supply Chain Solution
- Production Efficency improvement

Customer Profile

The industrial activities of the Marcora family were born in the second post-war period thanks to the initiative of Giovanni and Andrea Marcora. In 1954 Andrea created a commercial and service activity in the steel sheet sector. Today Marcora S.p.A. is one of the main Italian operators in the pre-processing and sale of flat thin carbon steel.

The industrial activity is carried out on a covered area of ​​24’400 square meters and total area of 50’000 square meters. Currently Marcora has two production sites in Inveruno (MI) and Cuggiono (MI), with 11 cutting-lines (Slitters and Cut-to-Length), capable to generate a maximum annual production capacity of 300,000 Tons.


20 Years Joined Development


Marcora has been one of the first Customers of Fast-Square, developing together the first version of CCO-Optimizer. The long-time collaboration has helped to develop continuously new software modules, specific for Steel Service Centers.

Marcora has started to use the very first version of CCO-Optimizer since 1997 and during recent years has chosen to cover its whole Supply Chain with Fast-Square software modules: in 2015 with CCO-Replenishment and in 2018 with CCO-Scheduler and CCO-ATP.

Fast-Square Software suit ranges from Demand Planning, Master Planning, Cut Optimization, Production Planning, Scheduling and soon also Transportation Management.


Dr. Monica Marcora, President Marcora S.p.A. said: “We are working with Gino Giannone and Fast-Square since more than 20 years and we continue to implement together new solutions tailor-made for our company.”




Production Efficiency and Trim-Loss reduction has been the objectives and result of the first project. With the usage of CCO-Optimizer, Marcora has been able to quickly introduce Planners without experience to Production Planning activity, with no productivity decrease.

Benefits reached with the introduction of CCO-Scheduler are:

  • Global Visibility of Customer-Order availability

  • Better Control of Production Planning

  • Late Orders Reduction


Gino Giannone CEO Fast-Square said:

“This long-term collaboration is a demonstration of the quality of our software solutions and a recognition as trusted advisor. Marcora has helped us to cover the real requirements of a Steel Service Center, developing the tool in a real production environment.”

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