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2017 in review: New Office, New Software and additional Consultants

Press Release January 2018

Preliminary Fast-Square Results of Fiscal Year 2017 are showing a Revenue increase by 31% compared to 2016, which is the fourth consecutive Revenue Increase.

2017 main Achievements:

  • Office in Milan to better support increasing customers in Northern Italy

  • Complete coverage of Supply Chain Management for the Metal Industry

  • Additional Consultants coming from Computer Science department of Universita’ degli Studi di Milano


Year 2017 has been dedicated above all to the development of a complete Supply Chain Management Software solution for the Metal Industry and for Steel Service Centers in particular.

During first half of 2017 we have developed CCO-Scheduling, a software to define the Scheduling of the Work-Orders on the Machines. It considers: Maximum Capacity, Machine Constraints, Work-Order dependency, including a Graphic User Interface for manual changes to the Schedule. The Software includes also a Promise-Date module for Commercial Users showing the real time Status and Availability Date of all Customer-Orders


CCO-Scheduling is LIVE in:

  • Metal Castello (Arvedi Group) since September-2017

  • Eusider SPA since December-2017.

2017 Customers review

Roberto Rocchegiani, Managing Director Metal Castello (Arvedi Group): “The quality of the collaboration with Fast-Square can be summarized in: professional partnership which advises the organization to reach Continuous Improvement”.

Simone Radrizzani Project Manager Supply Chain in Eusider: “Professional Consulting in Metals and valid Software continuously improved. The years long experience has improved the Cut-Optimizer and the Scheduler to real valid software, I have appreciated the availability and competence of Fast-Square consultants”.

Software Solution

The world-wide unique niche Supply Chain Solution for Steel Service Centers is now composed by the following modules:


  • CCO-Scheduling to define the schedule of the Work-Orders on the Machines.

  • CCO-Replenishment for Demand Planning and Master Planning, calculating the Demand Forecast and the Volume of Coils to Purchase. 

  • CCO-Planning the module for Machine Capacity Planning and Promise-Date calculation for new Customer Orders.

  • CCO-Cut-Optimizer the long-used Optimization software to minimize Trim-Loss (Scrap) and Setup Time for Slitting and Cut-To-Length planning.

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