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ALFUN works with Fast-Square to Optimize Coil Cutting in Aluminum

Press Releases Jun 28, 2019


Czech Republic Metal Service Center Seeks to Improve Production Efficiency with CCO software


ALFUN Service Center has signed a deal with planning software specialist Fast-Square Italia regarding the use of CCO-Optimization solution.

The company ALFUN is a European Service Center based in Bruntal in Czech Republic, with sales and logistic subsidiary branches in Prague, in Poland and in Slovakia.

The company offers cut-to-length sheets and longitudinal slitting into strips on their own´s production lines and saws.


FAST-SQUARE software will allow the generation of Optimized Cutting Plans for Slitters and Cut-To-Length machines, reducing Trim-Loss and Setup-Time.


Mrs. Marcela Hendrychova CEO ALFUN reported that, after a long period of researches to find a software company to implement Cutting Optimization, they have chosen Fast-Square, because of the deep experience in Steel Cutting and the successful completed projects in similar Steel companies all over Europe.



Gino Giannone CEO Fast-Square:

“We are proud to work with ALFUN,” says Fast-Square CEO and Co-founder Gino Giannone. “Our software has been applied in Steel Service Centers, Steel Manufacturer and Paper Industry; with ALFUN we have the opportunity to start working also in the Aluminum Industry.

Furthermore with this new implementation, we have the chance to consolidate and improve our expansion in Central and Eastern Europe market. We intend to bring our experience in ALFUN to design a solid Sales-Optimization and Production-Optimization process with CCO software.”



Customer Profile:

The ALFUN Metal Service Center has a 20 years’ experience in the aluminum sector. The company supplies a wide range of sheets, strips, plates, profiles and bars from aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. Production Processes include longitudinal and transverse cutting. Moreover, ALFUN provides support services, including applying of a protective foil on the material surface, material consultancy, logistic services and quality certificates.


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