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Supply Chain Solution for Steel Service Centers


With the deep experience got during years long collaboration with several Steel Service Centers, implementing Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO), for the generation of Optimized Cutting plans for Slitter and Cut-To-Length machines, Fast-Square has extended its Software Offer covering the whole Supply Chain Management for Steel Service Centers. This world-wide unique niche solution is composed by the following modules:


CCO-Replenishment includes the functionality of Demand Planning and Master Planning, calculating the Demand Forecast and the Volume of Coils to Purchase. In addition, it is also covering all specific requirements of a Steel Service Center, like: special treatment for Quarterly/Yearly Customer Contracts; Steel and Steel-Quality compatibility tables; freedom to choose the level of aggregation (Steel-Quality, Coating Type, Surface Aspect, Surface Protection). 


CCO-Scheduler is the tool to define Work-Order Scheduling, in full respect of the various and diverse constraints such as Max Capacity, Machine Constraints, and Work-Order dependency. It includes a Graphic User Interface for manual changes to the Schedule.

CCO-MES is the Manufacturing Execution System software that helps you manage and update the production progress and status. It has a direct interface with production Machines (Industry 4.0). CCO MES includes a Promise-Date module for Commercial Users, showing the latest update of the Customer Orders’ availability date and Status.


CCO-Cut-Optimizer is the well-known Optimization software used to minimize Trim-Loss (Scrap) and Setup Time for Slitting and Cut-To-Length planning. CCO-Cut-Optimizer is used by several Steel Service Centers all over Europe and also in Brasil.


CCO-Planning is the module for Machine Capacity Planning and Promise-Date calculation for new Customer Orders. User can change shifts and Overtime and do simulations to calculate the effect of the Capacity change on late Customer Orders. Alternative Machines are also considered to reduce late Orders.

Optimization Software for other Industries

CCO-TUBE: is the new Optimization software developed for Companies producing Tubes with a Slitting production phase. The solver algorithms have been adapted to high volume repetitive demand in order to minimize the scrap on slitting phase and also to Optimize the Campaigns of Tube production.

CCO-PAPER: optimize the planning and cutting of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine,

minimizing Trim-Loss (Scrap).

CCO-FILM: is the ideal system for the generation of Cutting Programs for Plastic Film Industry.

Optimization Software for Coils Cutting
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