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Founder and CEO

Gino Giannone has worked for many years in international Software and Consulting companies all over Europe.

He has developed a deep experience in Artificial Intelligence and Optimization processes, working in companies like: Honeywell Bull, i2 technologies and ESO. 

In 2005 he has decided to found his own company to develop and promote a very specific optimization software for steel service centre. 

Since the start, his effort has been to improve the Coil Cut Optimizer software, working closely with the customer base. 

The Company


FAST-SQUARE is a young and dynamic company. The team has more than 20 years experience about scheduling software systems and industrial process optimisation.

All FAST-SQUARE consultants have a long recognized international experience in software projects for planning, scheduling and process optimization.

The customer base is spread all over Europe and above all in the following countries: Italy, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal.

Our products are available in English, Italian, German and Portuguese.

If requested they can also be “localized” in other languages.

FAST-SQUARE experts have published a number of papers about scheduling and process optimisation at International Conferences during the last 10 years.

In particular the following paper describes the initial works about Cutting Stock Optimisation. This work has been the starting point for the development of our software products.

E.Bertolotti, E.Castaldo, G.Giannone "Near Optimal Objects Packing Through Dimensional Unfolding", in " Proceedings of the Eight Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence" (pg. 1433-1442); The MIT Press.
This application received the IAAI award from the American Association for Artificial Intelligence


We offer Consulting Services on optimization, logistics and Supply Chain Management problems


Our Consultants are certified for the following jda/i2 Technologies SCM products:

·         Supply Chain Planner

·         Demand Manager

·         Demand Fulfillment


Partnership with Franz Inc. Oakland, California (USA), as Value Added Reseller, implementing optimization software with the Allegro Common Lisp environment. 

Our Project Manager have been certified PMP by:   


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