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Fast-Square 2023 starts with new Customers in Korea and Italy

Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) solution has been chosen by Orca IT (Korea) and Profilumbra


Orca IT, a System Integrator of South Korea, has decided to use CCO Software by Fast-Square to generate Cutting Plans for a new Plant to be started in Mexico in 2023. OrcaIT is responsible for the implementation of the whole information system of the Mexican Plant and has chosen Fast-Square as partner to implement Coil Cut Optimizer software. Profilumbra, a company producing Steel Profiles near Perugia, has decided to change its Information System choosing Coil Cut Optimizer by Fast-Square to cover Scheduling, Planning and Cutting Optimization functions and software Alyante by TeamSystem as its new ERP..


PROFILUMBRA was founded in 1974, by Cav. Borgnini Arsenio, on a 5.000 m2 site, with 800 m2 of indoor space. Today the plant occupies an area of 30.000 m2, with 10.000 m2 indoors. The company is divided into five production divisions: Primary Coil Processing; Cold-formed Structural Shape Production; Secondary Processing of Structural Shapes; Street Furniture and Traffic Systems Division; Plants and Equipment Division.

Fast-Square Italia

Fast-Square is a software and consulting company specialized in scheduling and optimization solutions. Fast-Square has developed a complete and unique Production Planning Management solution for Steel Service Center including MES and Industry 4.0 interface with Cutting Machines.
Customers are mainly in Italy, but are increasing also in Europe, Asia and America. CCO software is applied in Metals industry and also in Aluminum, Paper and Thin-Film.


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