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AARTEE Italia chooses Fast-Square Optimization Software
Press Releases Oct, 2019

AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has signed a deal with planning software specialist Fast-Square Italia regarding the use of Supply Chain Management solution CCO in the 4 plants


The team has more than 20 years experience about scheduling software systems and industrial process optimisation.

"CCO has been the winning solution for our implementation, after spending years testing various software worldwide in the cutting optimization process field. Oscacer would like to express its gratitude for the competence and availability of Fast-Square consultants to make the adjustments required by the Portuguese specific market"

Mr João Roliá, COO

Chief Operating Officer 

Oscacer César Rola Portugal

“CCO has helped us to reduce trim-loss further during coils cutting process in our 2 plants, increasing also the effectiveness of our programmers of the slitting machines. We have appreciated very much the technical and project design competence of Fast-Square consultant and their availability.”

Ing. Gianni Lauritano

IT Director

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