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  • Trim loss reduction 

  • Minimization of Setup Schemas

  • Fast Installation and Integration

  • Fast “Return On Investiment” 

  • Automated Solution with the capability of human interaction



Human planners will do a better job that will produce better results …  the time consuming and error prone activity normally spent on checking constraints and carrying out complex combinatorial analysis is completely automated and modeled within the system so that the operator can actually dedicate his/her time exploring more alternatives with the support of CCO to select the best one. The set of available flexible workflows will combine effectively the planner’s opportunism with the “number crunching” power of the CCO algorithms. Moreover, the customizable CCO workflows will ensure consistency with company best practice in all practical cases. As a result overall quality of the cutting lines planning process will improve.


Key Process Indicators will improve soon ... thanks to the support provided by the tools and algorithms available within CCO, all the cutting lines schedules produced through the system will be feasible and optimal. Trim loss, setup time, order fragmentations, number of coils partially used, machine utilization, will all improve. In terms of bottom line, overall costs will decrease, margins will grow, service level will improve. Moreover, demanding customers who might have special requirements can be managed properly given the CCO capability of modeling new constraints. In other words, customer service level will not be limited by the difficulties of managing manually a growing number of interacting constraints. How all these improvements could be easily measured and tracked ? The system itself provides a set of tools dedicated to measure / aggregate / store all the above-mentioned KPIs.


Improve and tune integration between linked processes … the modular architecture will facilitate integration with other business processes modeled on your ERP or Legacy. System integration can in fact be tuned and customized depending on the level the customer want this decision process to be integrated with other functions. So you might decide for instance to do the netting inside the system or do it outside in your ERP system and just manage the netted quantities in CCO.  Another example is the level of visibility on financial kpi’s. You can decide based on different user profiles to show or hide some of the financial kpi’s.  Production planning people for instance could be interested in monitoring aggregated historical data rather than looking at the details of daily costs or margins.



Fast-Square Italia srl
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